The rapid spread of OneCoin is supported by an efficient bonus system

After creating the concept of OneCoin, the creator Ruja Ignatova had to find a way of distributing the information about the new cryptocurrency as efficiently as possible to the enthusiasts. Even though it was not her first choice, she decided that because of the complexity of the product, network marketing would be better than a traditional marketing campaign (TV-., print- and outdoor advertisements, web banners etc.). The efficiency of the binary network marketing system created by Juha Parhiala from Finland exceeded every expectation she had. By the end of 2015, the company had exceeded the originally planned amount of 100 000 clients by ten times. By the end of 2016, the amount of clients that OneCoin has, will be close to 5 million people.  

NB! Because the growing value of OneCoin is programmed into the price of OneCoin (the constant increase of the difficulty level of mining, the increasing price of the packages, involvement of companies accepting onecoin as a means of payment since May 2016, the opening of the trading platform, going to a stock exchange etc.), then unlike other products offered by network marketing companies, even the purchase of an affordable package will ensure a remarkable result in a two-year perspective.

Because of this the bonus system of OneCoin is just an extra possibility to those, who have understood the concept of OneCoin and wish to help creating a completely new global payment system.

OneCoin’s bonus system is a great opportunity for thise, who have not the possibility of putting bigger sums to their account. Basically, it is enough to purchase the STARTER-package worth 140 Euros (110 Euros plus the package activation fee of 30 Euros) and to familiarise youself with the system to start working as a consultant who advises new clients and starts to increase their own accounts with the money made out of this.