ONECOIN is the payment method of the future. Did you know that mining cryptocurrency does not require you
any special skills or purchasing expensive technology? From this homepage you will find all the information you need,
in order to create and efficiently manage your own ONECOIN account.


During the financial crisis of 2008 the world’s first cryptocurrency Bitcoin challenged the global financial system by starting to offer the possibility of defending the deposits many have in the banks.  


OneCoin started to mine its own cryptocurrency in January of 2015. OneCoin is an extremely safe digital currency created on a mathematical basis, which is simple and cheap to be moved between different accounts all over the internet.

Billing with OneCoin is extremely simple and does not differ from the customary usage of a bank card. The only difference is that there is no third party, which is the bank and is feeling itself very comfortably between the remitter and the beneficiary.

Financial freedom seems to many as something pretty but also as something unreachable, similar to a snowy mountain peak that only the boldest and most determined reach. Due to this, instead of actually packing their own backpack, people only watch the mountain peaks and their conquerors from the TV. The saddest thing for anybody is to see a friend or an acquaintance at the top peak, when they invited you to join them, but for a reason that you may not even remember anymore – you decided not to go that time and now they are at the top and you are still behind the TV. 

Right now is the time to make up for all the missed opportunities and to join the fastest growing enterprise in the world – the miners of OneCoin cryptocurrency, may it be as a passive investor or an active consultant. Now is the time!